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"Home Runs & High Fives" A Baseball Team For All Abilities

"Home Runs & High Fives" A Baseball Team For All Abilities

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Coach Hannah and her extraordinary summer baseball team on a heartwarming journey that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the power of teamwork in this inspiring children's book.

Based on a true story, in a small town where kids and adults of all abilities live side by side, Coach Hannah steps up to coach a baseball team that embraces everyone. With players using wheelchairs, walkers, leg braces, and even some who are blind, they show the world that abilities come in many forms, and every individual is wonderfully made.

As the season unfolds, the team faces challenges, but they never lose sight of what truly matters – inclusivity, friendship, and the joy of playing together. Through their determination, support, and Coach Hannah's invaluable guidance, they discover the strength that lies in their differences and how those differences make them stronger as a team.

The story beautifully illustrates how, with determination and compassion, every obstacle can be overcome. Readers will be touched by the characters' courage and inspired by their unwavering belief in themselves and each other. The book emphasizes the importance of treating everyone with respect, kindness, and empathy, no matter their appearance or abilities.

In addition to the heartwarming tale, the book also fosters a sense of community by dedicating a portion of the proceeds to the league. Readers will not only enjoy the story but will also actively contribute to the team's growth, helping purchase new equipment, jerseys, and facilities for future players to thrive.

"Home Runs & High Fives by Coach Hannah Moeller"  is a celebration of the human spirit, teaching young readers the invaluable lesson of acceptance and appreciation for diversity. It's a story that will stay with them, reminding them that together, we can achieve greatness and make the world a more inclusive place for everyone.

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